How long does it take to read 200 pages?

Answer: it takes about 6 hr 40 min to read 200 pages at 250 WPM.

Pages🐌 Real slow🐢 Slow🐒 Medium🐆 Fast🦅 Real fast
502 hr 47 min2 hr 5 min1 hr 40 min1 hr 17 min1 hr 3 min
1005 hr 33 min4 hr 10 min3 hr 20 min2 hr 34 min2 hr 5 min
1508 hr 20 min6 hr 15 min5 hr 0 min3 hr 51 min3 hr 8 min
20011 hr 7 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 40 min5 hr 8 min4 hr 10 min
25013 hr 53 min10 hr 25 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 25 min5 hr 13 min
30016 hr 40 min12 hr 30 min10 hr 0 min7 hr 42 min6 hr 15 min
35019 hr 27 min14 hr 35 min11 hr 40 min8 hr 58 min7 hr 18 min
40022 hr 13 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 20 min10 hr 15 min8 hr 20 min
45025 hr 0 min18 hr 45 min15 hr 0 min11 hr 32 min9 hr 23 min
50027 hr 47 min20 hr 50 min16 hr 40 min12 hr 49 min10 hr 25 min
55030 hr 33 min22 hr 55 min18 hr 20 min14 hr 6 min11 hr 28 min
60033 hr 20 min25 hr 0 min20 hr 0 min15 hr 23 min12 hr 30 min
65036 hr 7 min27 hr 5 min21 hr 40 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 33 min
70038 hr 53 min29 hr 10 min23 hr 20 min17 hr 57 min14 hr 35 min
75041 hr 40 min31 hr 15 min25 hr 0 min19 hr 14 min15 hr 38 min
80044 hr 27 min33 hr 20 min26 hr 40 min20 hr 31 min16 hr 40 min
85047 hr 13 min35 hr 25 min28 hr 20 min21 hr 48 min17 hr 43 min
90050 hr 0 min37 hr 30 min30 hr 0 min23 hr 5 min18 hr 45 min
95052 hr 47 min39 hr 35 min31 hr 40 min24 hr 22 min19 hr 48 min
100055 hr 33 min41 hr 40 min33 hr 20 min25 hr 38 min20 hr 50 min

Books with similar read time

These are some of the books with 200 pages and similar reading time.

  • Gatecrashing

    Rob Boyle,Brian Cross,J.M. Hardy,Olivia Hill,Ken Horner,Evan Jamieson,James Knevitt,T.S. Luikart,Phil Masters,Steven Mohan,Malcolm Sheppard,John Snead,Tobias Wolter,Michelle Lyons

    Gatecrashing for Eclipse Phase takes you through the mysterious Pandora Gates: The 5 solar system gates and the factions that control them 30 extrasolar locations of interest to Firewall Exploration operations and hazards New morphs, new gear, and rules for gate use

    Pages: 200

  • Breakfast at Nine, Tea at Four: Favorite Recipes from Cape Mays Mainstay Inn

    Sue Carroll

    A collection of more than 150 treasured recipes from Cape May, New Jersey'ss most famous inn. For 25 years innkeeper Sue Carroll has been delighting her guests with her delicious breakfast dishes and the sweets and savories that accompany afternoon tea. Perfect for Sunday brunch entertaining, Breakf...

    Pages: 200

  • Beauty Pop, Vol. 5

    Kiyoko Arai

    Narumi's father, Yujiro, a world famous hairstylist with salons across the globe, has never been able to defeat Kiri's father Seiji in a hairstyling competition. Will Narumi be able to surpass his father by winning against Kiri?

    Pages: 200

  • Beauty Pop, Vol. 2

    Kiyoko Arai

    Beauty at any cost - extreme manga make-over,Although a truly gifted hairstylist, Kiri Koshiba has no interest in using her talent to pursue fame and fortune, unlike the three popular boys in the "Scissors Project" at school. Determined to become the best makeover team in Japan, they give showy make...

    Pages: 200

  • Beauty Pop, Vol. 4

    Kiyoko Arai

    Kiri steps in to help the injured Narumi in a Scissors Project beauty battle. But before Kiri can complete her magic, reminders of an incident in her past make her too fearful to continue with the cut.

    Pages: 200

  • Case Study Research: Design and Methods

    Robert K. Yin

    This new edition of the best-selling ,Case Study Research, has been carefully revised, updated, and expanded while retaining virtually all of the features and coverage of the ,Second Edition,. Robert Yin's comprehensive presentation covers all aspects of the case study method--from problem definitio...

    Pages: 200

  • Conservation and Globalization: A Study of National Parks and Indigenous Communities from East Africa to South Dakota

    Jim Igoe

    CONSERVATION AND GLOBALIZATION opens with a discussion of these two broad issues as they relate to the author's fieldwork with Maasai herding communities on the margins of Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. It explores different theoretical perspectives (Neo-Marxist and Foucauldian) on globalizati...

    Pages: 200

  • Compelled to Crime: The Gender Entrapment of Battered, Black Women

    Beth Richie

    First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

    Pages: 200

  • Naruto, Vol. 16: Eulogy

    Masashi Kishimoto

    Death in the village! When the dust settles from Orochimaru's attack, the shinobi find that not everyone has survived. While the ninja mourn, an unlikely candidate is chosen for greatness, a long-lost ninja returns with a dangerous entourage, and Naruto finds his life in more turmoil than ever befor...

    Pages: 200

  • The Quantum Zoo: A Tourist's Guide to the Neverending Universe

    Marcus Chown

    The two towering achievements of modern physics are quantum theory and Einstein's general theory of relativity. Together, they explain virtually everything about the world we live in. But, almost a century after their advent, most people haven't the slightest clue what either is about. Did you know ...

    Pages: 200

  • The Tainted Gift: The Disease Method of Frontier Expansion

    Barbara Alice Mann

    The speculation that the United States did infect Indian populations has long been a source of both outrage and skepticism. Now there is an exhaustively researched exploration of an issue that continues to haunt U.S.-Native American relations.--Barbara Alice Mann s The Tainted Gift: The Disease Meth...

    Pages: 200

  • The Art of Calm: Relaxation Through the Five Senses

    Brian Luke Seaward

    With more and more people seeking solace by visiting spas, practicing yoga or taking herbal supplements like kava, the market is ripe for a simple, yet effective book about how to be calm. Based on years of experience, author, speaker and renowned stress management expert Brian Luke Seaward wrote Th...

    Pages: 200

  • Olivia

    Jennie Gallant,Joan Smith

    Olivia Fenwick decided to become a governess after her father remarried—a very superior governess who charged a great deal for her services. While Lady Synge was eager to show off her superior employee, her younger brother, the arrogant Lord Philmot, objected to just about everything Olivia attemp...

    Pages: 200

  • Arabic Graffiti

    Pascal Zoghbi,Don Stone Karl

    Without regional borders or constraints, 'Arabic Graffiti' references the use of Arabic script in urban context. It showcases artists, graffiti writers and typographers from the Middle East and around the world who merge Arabic script and calligraphy styles with the art of graffiti writing, street a...

    Pages: 200

  • Crimes of the City

    Robert Rosenberg

    "A superior thriller, very well written, sensitively and beautifully plotted.",-- New York Times Book Review,In a holy city, even saints can be suspects...It was the time of the intifada, a season of hatred and fear in the city called Jerusalem, the City of Peace...Criminal Investigations Department...

    Pages: 200

  • Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs, & the Sasquatch

    Lisa A. Shiel

    Bigfoot...Fact or Fiction? Read this book before you decide! From recent footprints to ghostly figures painted on stone centuries ago, "Backyard Bigfoot" presents startling evidence that the hairy creatures who lurk in our world's backcountry represent more than a figment of our collective imaginati...

    Pages: 200

  • Fake, Volume 06

    Sanami Matoh

    There's a psychopath who likes to kill kids and cut off their hands on the loose, and Dee and Ryo must find him before he strikes again. Carol has the misfortune to cross his path, and soon her life is in grave danger. Bikky, Dee, and Ryo must take justice in their own hands (no pun intended), if th...

    Pages: 200

  • Black Bird, Vol. 9

    Kanoko Sakurakouji

    He loves her blood, but does her love her?!,Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T+ ,Misao and Kyo finally go all the way, and Misao can’t regret the new levels of intimacy, even though all the other demons seem to be able to tell that they are now lovers. But does Kyo feel the same way? I...

    Pages: 200

  • Yurara, Vol. 1

    Chika Shiomi

    There are two sides to every ghost story...,Yurara Tsukinowa is a quiet girl who can see spirits and sense their emotions. Not wanting to seem abnormal, she hides her secret until she meets Mei Tendo and Yako Hoshino, two guys who use their spiritual powers to ward off vengeful spirits. The dormant ...

    Pages: 200

  • Dreams of Subversion in Medieval Jewish Art and Literature

    Marc Michael Epstein

    Europe's Jewish minority culture was subjected to a barrage of public images proclaiming the dominance of the Christian majority. This book is the first to explore the Jewish response to this assault in the development of a visual culture through which Jews could affirmatively construct their identi...

    Pages: 200