How long does it take to read 550 pages?

Answer: it takes about 18 hr 20 min to read 550 pages at 250 WPM.

Pages🐌 Real slow🐢 Slow🐒 Medium🐆 Fast🦅 Real fast
502 hr 47 min2 hr 5 min1 hr 40 min1 hr 17 min1 hr 3 min
1005 hr 33 min4 hr 10 min3 hr 20 min2 hr 34 min2 hr 5 min
1508 hr 20 min6 hr 15 min5 hr 0 min3 hr 51 min3 hr 8 min
20011 hr 7 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 40 min5 hr 8 min4 hr 10 min
25013 hr 53 min10 hr 25 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 25 min5 hr 13 min
30016 hr 40 min12 hr 30 min10 hr 0 min7 hr 42 min6 hr 15 min
35019 hr 27 min14 hr 35 min11 hr 40 min8 hr 58 min7 hr 18 min
40022 hr 13 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 20 min10 hr 15 min8 hr 20 min
45025 hr 0 min18 hr 45 min15 hr 0 min11 hr 32 min9 hr 23 min
50027 hr 47 min20 hr 50 min16 hr 40 min12 hr 49 min10 hr 25 min
55030 hr 33 min22 hr 55 min18 hr 20 min14 hr 6 min11 hr 28 min
60033 hr 20 min25 hr 0 min20 hr 0 min15 hr 23 min12 hr 30 min
65036 hr 7 min27 hr 5 min21 hr 40 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 33 min
70038 hr 53 min29 hr 10 min23 hr 20 min17 hr 57 min14 hr 35 min
75041 hr 40 min31 hr 15 min25 hr 0 min19 hr 14 min15 hr 38 min
80044 hr 27 min33 hr 20 min26 hr 40 min20 hr 31 min16 hr 40 min
85047 hr 13 min35 hr 25 min28 hr 20 min21 hr 48 min17 hr 43 min
90050 hr 0 min37 hr 30 min30 hr 0 min23 hr 5 min18 hr 45 min
95052 hr 47 min39 hr 35 min31 hr 40 min24 hr 22 min19 hr 48 min
100055 hr 33 min41 hr 40 min33 hr 20 min25 hr 38 min20 hr 50 min

Books with similar read time

These are some of the books with 550 pages and similar reading time.

  • The Second Day at Gettysburg: The Attack and Defense of Cemetery Ridge, July 2, 1863

    David Shultz,David Wieck

    So much has been written about Gettysburg, goes the well-worn cliche, that there is nothing new left to write. ,The Second Day at Gettysburg: The Attack and Defense of Cemetery Ridge, July 2, 1863,, by David L. Shultz and Scott L. Mingus Sr. aptly demonstrates that there is indeed still much to lear...

    Pages: 550

  • The Aesthetics of Music

    Roger Scruton

    What is music, what is its value, and what does it mean? In this stimulating volume, Roger Scruton offers a comprehensive account of the nature and significance of music from the perspective of modern philosophy. The study begins with the metaphysics of sound. Scruton 7istinguishes sound from tone; ...

    Pages: 550

  • The Economy of Nature

    Robert E. Ricklefs

    This fully revised edition offers up-to-date coverage of ideas, data and directions in modern ecology. With a balance of theory and principles plus examples of structure and function in natural systems, this text should help unravel the interrelationships of organisms and their environment. Features...

    Pages: 550

  • Web Usability & Navigation: A Beginner's Guide

    Merlyn Holmes

    This is a comprehensive introduction to the theories and principles that drive Web usability and interface design.

    Pages: 550

  • Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals

    Michael Jones

    Business scandals are always with us from the South Sea Bubble to Enron and Parmalat. As accounting forms a central element of any business success or failure, the role of accounting is crucial in understanding business scandals. This book aims to explore the role of accounting, particularly creativ...

    Pages: 550

  • Folktales of the Jews, Volume 2: Tales from Eastern Europe

    Dan Ben-Amos,Lenn Schramm,Dov Nôy

    Thanks to these generous donors for making the publication of the books in this series possible: Lloyd E. Cotsen; the Maurice Amado Foundation; National Endowment for the Humanities; and the National Foundation for Jewish Culture., ,The second volume in a literary landmark Folktales from Eastern Eu...

    Pages: 550

  • La Guerre D'espagne Et Ses Lendemains

    Bartolomé Bennassar

    Pages: 550

  • Eyes to the South: French Anarchists & Algeria

    David Porter

    “Porter’s sensitive, learned, and accessible account is highly recommended for anyone wishing to acquire a deeper knowledge of the history of modern Algeria, as well as of the range of anarchist approaches, in both France and Algeria, to the pathways of Algerian politics before and since indepen...

    Pages: 550

  • Life in Mexico

    Frances Calderón de la Barca

    Originally published in 1843, Fanny Calderon de la Barca, gives her spirited account of living in Mexico–from her travels with her husband through Mexico as the Spanish diplomat to the daily struggles with finding good help–Fanny gives the reader an enlivened picture of the life and times of a c...

    Pages: 550

  • Guide to Dakini Land: The Highest Yoga Tantra Practice of Buddha Vajrayogini

    Kelsang Gyatso

    "Guide to Dakini Land" is the first complete explanation in English of the Tantric practice of Vajrayogini, the female Buddha of wisdom.,Geshe Kelsang provides detailed instructions on the eleven yogas of generation stage, which are special methods for transforming all our daily activities into a bl...

    Pages: 550

  • Els ajuntaments franquistes a Catalunya

    Martí Marín

    Aquesta obra analitza de manera exhaustiva els ajuntaments catalans del llarg període franquista i respon diversos interrogants. Qui i com exercí el poder municipal en aquells anys? Quins foren els límits, clarament estrets,d'aquest poder i en benefici de qui fou utilitzat? A quin tipus de règim...

    Pages: 550

  • Brian Clough: Nobody Ever Says Thank You

    Jonathan Wilson

    ,The final word on Brian Clough, ,In this first full, critical biography, Jonathan Wilson draws an intimate and powerful portrait of one of England's greatest football managers, Brian Clough, and his right-hand man, Peter Taylor. It was in the unforgiving world of post-war football where their id...

    Pages: 550

  • الإخوة كارامازوف #4

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky,سامي الدروبي,فيودور دوستويفسكي

    الأخوة كارامازوف هي رواية للكاتب الروسي فيودور دوستويفسكي وعموما تعتبر تتويجا لعمل حياته.. دوستويفسكي امضى قرابة عامين كتابه الاخوة كارامازوف، والتي نشرت في فصول ف...

    Pages: 550

  • Battleships: Axis and Neutral Battleships in World War II

    William H. Garzke Jr.

    One of three volumes that trace the design, construction, and operation of post-1930 battleships and battlecruisers.

    Pages: 550

  • Zambia: Bradt Travel Guide: Fifth Edition

    Chris McIntyre

    Zambia is one of the best destinations in Africa for walking and river safaris, hot springs and waterfalls. This fifth, fully updated edition leads visitors through all the prime attractions – set in their historical and environmental context – from the newly declared Ngonye Falls National Park,...

    Pages: 550

  • Orthopedic Physical Examination Tests: An Evidence-Based Approach

    Chad E. Cook,Eric Hegedus

    This is the field's most comprehensive evidence-based guide to clinical tests for orthopedic physical examination. ,ORTHOPEDIC PHYSICAL EXAMINATION TESTS: AN EVIDENCE-BASED APPROACH, 2/e, presents complete explanations and photography visualizing all commonly used physical exam tests for all body re...

    Pages: 550

  • The Last King of Poland

    Adam Zamoyski

    An enthralling life of the young and dashing King of Poland by one of Britains most exceptional young historians.

    Pages: 550

  • Martin & Victoria og Victorias Ã¥r

    Klaus Lynggaard

    Pages: 550