How long does it take to read 250 pages?

Answer: it takes about 8 hr 20 min to read 250 pages at 250 WPM.

Pages🐌 Real slow🐢 Slow🐒 Medium🐆 Fast🦅 Real fast
502 hr 47 min2 hr 5 min1 hr 40 min1 hr 17 min1 hr 3 min
1005 hr 33 min4 hr 10 min3 hr 20 min2 hr 34 min2 hr 5 min
1508 hr 20 min6 hr 15 min5 hr 0 min3 hr 51 min3 hr 8 min
20011 hr 7 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 40 min5 hr 8 min4 hr 10 min
25013 hr 53 min10 hr 25 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 25 min5 hr 13 min
30016 hr 40 min12 hr 30 min10 hr 0 min7 hr 42 min6 hr 15 min
35019 hr 27 min14 hr 35 min11 hr 40 min8 hr 58 min7 hr 18 min
40022 hr 13 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 20 min10 hr 15 min8 hr 20 min
45025 hr 0 min18 hr 45 min15 hr 0 min11 hr 32 min9 hr 23 min
50027 hr 47 min20 hr 50 min16 hr 40 min12 hr 49 min10 hr 25 min
55030 hr 33 min22 hr 55 min18 hr 20 min14 hr 6 min11 hr 28 min
60033 hr 20 min25 hr 0 min20 hr 0 min15 hr 23 min12 hr 30 min
65036 hr 7 min27 hr 5 min21 hr 40 min16 hr 40 min13 hr 33 min
70038 hr 53 min29 hr 10 min23 hr 20 min17 hr 57 min14 hr 35 min
75041 hr 40 min31 hr 15 min25 hr 0 min19 hr 14 min15 hr 38 min
80044 hr 27 min33 hr 20 min26 hr 40 min20 hr 31 min16 hr 40 min
85047 hr 13 min35 hr 25 min28 hr 20 min21 hr 48 min17 hr 43 min
90050 hr 0 min37 hr 30 min30 hr 0 min23 hr 5 min18 hr 45 min
95052 hr 47 min39 hr 35 min31 hr 40 min24 hr 22 min19 hr 48 min
100055 hr 33 min41 hr 40 min33 hr 20 min25 hr 38 min20 hr 50 min

Books with similar read time

These are some of the books with 250 pages and similar reading time.

  • A Stranger's Touch

    Tori Carrington

    Midnight Fantasy #6 --,The thrill of the forbidden...,Dulcy Ferris has always had an active fantasy life...but fantasy has never come close to reality until she finds herself alone in an elevator with oh-so-sexy Quinn Landis. There's just one problem: Dulcy's engaged to marry somebody else. But befo...

    Pages: 250

  • A Very Special Delivery

    Linda Goodnight

    A single dad and his baby girl open up a world of possibilities for a beautiful outsider in , ,New York Times, , bestselling author Linda Goodnight's classic love story...,It was the surprise of a lifetime for recluse Molly McCreight when single dad Ethan Hunter entrusted her with his infant daugh...

    Pages: 250

  • In the Spirit Of...Christmas

    Linda Goodnight

    In the Spirit of...Christmas by Linda Goodnight released on Oct 25, 2005 is available now for purchase.

    Pages: 250

  • Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences

    Andrea Resmini,Luca Rosati

    Pervasive Information Architecture, explains the 'why' and 'how' of pervasive information architecture (IA) through detailed examples and real-world stories. It offers insights about trade-offs that can be made and techniques for even the most unique design challenges. The book will help readers mas...

    Pages: 250

  • The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway

    Dale Mulfinger,Susan E. Davis

    ",The Cabin, is our heart's retreat" write the authors, and what a wonderful place to escape to.,Building on the theory that less is more, , ,The Cabin, , takes this idyllic retreat from mind's eye to reality--with striking photographs and ample charm.,In this one-of-a-kind book, you'll discover a...

    Pages: 250

  • Where Time Winds Blow

    Robert Holdstock

    A planet where eerie time displacements, like winds, can dump alien artefacts from the past and future into now, or sweep things away from now into anywhen.','A planet that attracts both scientists and fortune hunters, rummaging among the strangenesses, risking oblivion, carrying with them their own...

    Pages: 250

  • Campaign

    Jim Mortimore

    The universe is dead! Time and space, murdered! Stars and moons, planets, comets, put to the sword! Physics and chemistry, mathematics, geography, sent to the stake! Mother and father, friend and stranger, snug bound in entropy's coffin! Love, dead! fear, dead! Dogs and birds and cats and ants and b...

    Pages: 250

  • A Soldier's Heart

    Marta Perry

    Wounded army officer Luke Marino was senthome, his career, his spirit shattered. Now hewanted only to be left alone, refusing even thephysical therapy he needed.,But Mary Kate Flanagan Donnelly, a widowwith two children to raise on her own, needed Luke's case to prove herself as a capabletherapist. ...

    Pages: 250

  • Hot for Him

    Sarah Mayberry,Elizabeth Livingston

    Working in Hollywood is always about getting to the top.Or ,on, top, as feisty producer Claudia Dostis prefers. Butwhen she contends with her outrageously sexy adversary, Leandro Mandalor, the stakes change.,Her charming opponent is definitely up to Claudia'schallenge. He convinces her they must com...

    Pages: 250

  • Kiss and Dwell

    Kelley St. John

    Monique Vicknair has a secret—she's a medium, dedicated to helping spirits cross to the other side. Unfortunately, she's been so busy, she hasn't taken care of her "own" earthly needs. And it's been a long, "long" time. So when she meets recently deceased—but oh-so-sexy-Ryan Chappelle, she's mor...

    Pages: 250

  • Theory of International Politics

    Kenneth N. Waltz

    The seminal text on neorealist analysis! From Theory of International Politics: National politics is the realm of authority, of administration, and of law. International politics is the realm of power, of struggle, and of accommodation. . . . States, like people, are insecure in proportion to the ex...

    Pages: 250

  • Trailer Park Noir

    Ray Garton

    Welcome to Riverside Mobile Home Park, where there's plenty of shade but no escape from the heat. Marcus Reznick watched the love of his life blow her brains out and then dove to the bottom of a bottle of vodka. Now he's living in Riverside Mobile Home Park and trying to pull his life together...unt...

    Pages: 250

  • Petrograd

    Philip Gelatt,Tyler Crook

    Introducing the untold tale of the international conspiracy behind the murder of Gregorii Rasputin Set during the height of the first World War, the tale follows a reluctant British spy stationed in the heart of the Russian empire as he is handed the most difficult assignment of his career: orchestr...

    Pages: 250

  • Using C on the Unix System

    Dave Curry

    Using C on the UNIX System, provides a thorough introduction to the UNIX system call libraries. It is aimed at programmers who already know C, but who want to take full advantage of the UNIX programming environment. If you want to learn how to work with the operating system and to write programs tha...

    Pages: 250

  • Clouds and Rain

    Zahra Owens

    Flynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years, working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn’t. He’s content with his freestyle life, not tied down, not responsible for anyone but himself. Then he comes across a Help Wanted ad in a post office in Idaho and meets Gable Sutt...

    Pages: 250

  • Immortality, Inc.

    Robert Sheckley

    First published in 1959 as a startling, revolutionary novel of the future, then pushed to new cinematic limits as the feature film adaptation FREEJACK in 1992, Robert Sheckley's unsettling vision of Tomorrow now arrives in ebook format for the 21st century.,Thomas Blaine awoke in a white bed in a wh...

    Pages: 250

  • The Ultimate Bite

    Crystal Green

    One dark, wild night a mysterious stranger seduced Kim Wright, changing her forever. He did wicked things to her, things she'd never dared dream of. He even bit her! And by doing so, he transformed Kim from an inexperienced mouse to a sinfully sexy woman.,A woman who craved more of what only Stephen...

    Pages: 250

  • Delicacy

    David Foenkinos

    Losing her beloved husband after only seven years of marriage, heartbroken widow Nathalie steels herself against emotional attachments until she unexpectedly falls in for her offbeat, guileless co-worker, Markus, who represents the opposite of everything.

    Pages: 250

  • Dormitory "Wistaria"

    Mary Louise Parker

    Pages: 250

  • Hollywood's Indian: The Portrayal of the Native American in Film

    Peter C. Rollins

    Offering both in-depth analyses of specific films and overviews of the industry's output, Hollywood's Indian provides insightful characterizations of the depiction of the Native Americans in film. This updated edition includes a new chapter on Smoke Signals, the groundbreaking independent film writt...

    Pages: 250